More Strange “Zombie” Happenings in the U.S.A.

The “zombie apocalypse” that started last week doesn’t show signs of stopping, I have more strange incidents to report.

Also, the federal government has banned the “bath salts” (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), which could have been behind the Miami causeway attack.

Tuesday May 29: A cage fighter from California ripped out his training partner’s heart, his tongue and tore off his face. He then started to burn the body parts to get rid of demons.

Tuesday May 29: In Baltimore a man killed his roommate and ate his heart and brain.

Thursday May 31: New Jersey man stabs self and throws his intestines at the police.

I don’t know what to say.


Is the Zombie Apocalypse Here?

Has the dreaded “Zombie Apocalypse” arrived?

Here is the tweet you don’t want to get, but this happened last night at the Institute for Genomic Biology in Urbana Illinois.

Vague. and then….

UPDATE 9:28am: @IlliniAlert reports that everything is OK: “The hazardous materials release at the Institute of Genomic Biology has been mitigated and is no longer a threat. IGB will be open tomorrow.”

Since the tweet, it’s been reported that a shelf collapsed on a man which splashed chemicals on him….he’s okay….I guess.

Hope all is okay,  I’ve been a little spooked since I heard about all of those FEMA coffins headed towards Chicago.

Strange list of events from around the United States:

5/16: McArthur High School HazMat Situation: Students, Teachers Decontaminated After Breaking Out In Rash

5/19: No confirmation on chemical at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

5/21: Police: Man bites woman in Westchester

5/23: I-285 reopens after hazmat incident

5/23: Man Bites Cousin’s Nose Off

5/24: Second Broward school reports mystery rash

5/25: Hazmat Called After Kids Exposed To Pesticide On Bus: Hazmat, EMS Respond To Lake County, FL School

5/25: ‘Disoriented’ passenger subdued on flight in Miami

5/26: Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police  (The cop shot him once after he’d ordered him to step away but the guy growled with a mouthful of flesh and kept eating.  The officer then had to shoot another 5 or so times to kill him!)

5/26: Florida Doctor Spits Blood at Highway Patrolmen After DUI Arrest

5/27: Georgia contractor bites Lowe’s employees, resists arrest

But it’s okay, the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 450 million hollow point bullets and bullet proof toll booths (to protect themselves of course).

I guess it’s just a few cases of excited delirium mixed with mass hysteria.

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