What’s Going on at Fukushima?

One site is reporting explosions and fire at Fukushima nuclear plant.   Others are claiming this is a hoax.


——> supposed hoax article: http://thecontrail.com/profiles/blogs/red-alert-fukushima-spent-fuel-pools-exploded-on-fire-now

We do know that reactor #4 is sinking ——->  http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/10/fukushima-update-unit-4-is-sinking.html






Typhoon Guchol Ripping Across Japan Radiation is Spiking


Typhoon Guchol is making its way northeast over the island of Japan at around 50 mph, with winds of 120 mph.  150,000 residents have been ordered to evacuate and the public transportation has been halted from Toyko to  the northern prefectures.

Tepco has not held a press conference or released any information regarding its devastated nuclear power plant.  At this point I assume any information will come from leaks or we will not find out the truth for weeks or months.

If you have a geiger counter, start taking readings today and for the next 40 days (the time it takes the radiation to circle the northern hemisphere) and post your results here and  anywhere you can.

The storm is kicking up radiation as you can see on the charts.  Visit this guys blog:



More bad news as Japan failed to disclose the radiation maps taken by the United States directly after the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.   The maps could have possibly aided in the rescue efforts.   The largest amounts of radiation flew northwest back on top of the island of Japan.   http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/20120619_23.html

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