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Many people search  sites today are frustrating when you are searching for someone because they make you pay. I’m going to show you a few a tricks to help you search.  I recommend searching for yourself first.  Search your name, usernames, emails, phone numbers.  If you have any pictures on the internet, you’ll want to do a reverse image search using google reverse image search or tineye reverse image search (both are available as extensions in the google chrome store for free).  You’d be surprised where you pop up on the internet. Many people search engines, such as spokeo, offer an opt out option under the “privacy” tab on the bottom of their page. It’s very small, so don’t miss it.

There are many ways to begin a search. If you have a name put it into quotation marks in Google search,  for example: “Your Name”

If you come up with results that are clearly not right, but share a common keyword, run another search this time with a minus (-) sign in front of the wrong word:  “Your Name” -delaware  .         This will exclude all the sites that have Delaware  connected to your search term.  You can also exclude entire websites by using the minus sign, such as:

“Your Name” -delaware

You can narrow your search results down significantly this way.

If you have an email, name, or telephone number just place it into Facebook‘s search box, any accounts associated with that email, given they are not private, will show up in the results. This also works with other social networking sites like

You can also just put that information into Google search, of course.

Here are some good people searchers:

New people search sites are always popping up and I’m sure that I missed a bunch, so if you have some good recommendations please leave it as a comment and I’ll add it to the list.  If one of these sites stops working let me know as well so I can remove it.

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