Random Password Generator Tool

I laugh when I hear about hacked accounts and their username/passwords.   It seems like a favorite of many network administrators is to use:

username: admin

password: admin or adminroot or password or administrator or roottoor

They also love to use terribly easy to find data such as their last name, graduation year, kids birthdays, pet’s name, last 4  digits of their social security number

why not just use 123456 as your password?  Why not just use the same password on all of your sites for that matter.

Even basic email services tell you to make a strong password, using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.  Don’t use words from the dictionary as those are indexed already in most  password crackers.  And of course use a different password for each site you visit, making sure you change the password according to your specific needs.    A person with a high security clearance or that is privy to sensitive data may want to change passwords every couple of weeks, but not on a strict schedule as that could draw attention to a routine.   For the average person using a low risk site, every 3-4 months should be sufficient. There are no guarantee’s of course.  If you are alive, your information could be stolen, used, changed, deleted….  We have to keep a close eye on our presence in the world today.

Love, sex, god, and secret are out since they don’t contain enough characters/symbols/numbers. Sorry Hackers via 1995.


The generator recommends 15 characters for a password.  I randomly generated this password (which I am not using):  ]2,%Pj4x(a”85]+

Another thing I do not like are password recovery questions.  They are often questions that one could find on public data sites, such as your mother’s maiden name, city of your birth, high school mascot, first car….  easy enough questions to find for the dedicated searcher.

I also disagree that adding your telephone number enables more protection.   The more information about yourself you give out, the more vulnerable you will be!  That’s just common sense.  Telephone numbers are extremely easy to find and if it is a current phone number, chances are it is linked directly to your home address.  Most sites that use telephone numbers as verification will not accept i.p. or sip based telephone numbers, such as Google Voice,  Skype, SendHub, etc.  Change your telephone number every once in awhile for good measure.

Or you could just buy a new identity on the black market.  I’m kidding.

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