Gender Guesser Tool

I found this online tool hilarious.  It’s Hacker Factor’s “gender guesser”.  You add a block of text (at least 300 words) and it returns a guess on the gender of the writer of the text.  I don’t know why I would have a use for this, but someone might.  Usually you can tell someone’s gender after 300 words without ever looking at them or knowing what sex they are.   I guess if you were talking to someone online that said they were a man, but their words were written in the style of a female you may want to use it.   But the results aren’t perfect.

These are the results I got:

Genre: Informal
Female = 514
Male = 706
Difference = 192; 57.86%
Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.


Genre: Formal
Female = 617
Male = 446
Difference = -171; 41.95%
Verdict: Weak FEMALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.


Well I guess I should contact the “hackers” at hacker factor because their tool was incorrect.  Informally I’m neither a dude nor European.   Formally, they were correct about my gender, I am a female, but still not European.   I definitely do not speak the queen’s english.

If you decide to try it out, leave a comment for me so I can laugh.

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