Superpoints: A Big Fail

Previously I wrote an article promoting Superpoints.  However, in light of recent changes (um, this week) I’ve decided to rewrite the article and let my readers be aware the changes.

  • The Super Lucky Button has now increased the number of spins you get per day, but decreased the number of points you can win in a day.  So now it takes longer to win less points.
  • The Super Lucky Button previously let you win what your recruits won.  They have now capped this to 1,00o points per recruit.  They say this is to encourage people to invite new members.  Well, most members have probably invited everyone they know and don’t want to spam their friends if they’ve been turned down by them once.

Each point you won used to equal 1 cent.   So if you got 2,500 superpoints,  you could redeem them for a $25.00 gift card or $25 dollars into your paypal account.  Now $25 in your paypal account is 3,315 point or $33.15.    But even more frustrating is the reward point values will fluctuate on a week to week basis.   So you might redeem your 6000 points one week to get a  $50 amazon gift card, but next week they dropped the points to only 5,000 for a $50 amazon gift card.. thats a waste of 1,000 points.  Which is a lot.

I may stick around for awhile…but I do plan to cash out very soon.

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