Army “Accidentally” Drops Hellfire Missile Into Texas Neighborhood


On May 15, 2012  residents of the Trimmier Estates neighborhood in Killeen Texas were evacuated because of the accidental release of a hellfire missile (surface to air missile)  from an AH-64 Apache helicopter.   The missile which was said to be inert landed in a backyard and burrowed 4 feet into the ground. No one wasa injured.  A child of a soldier stationed at the nearby army base, Fort Hood, saw the missile fall from a helicopter around 8:15 p.m.  The child’s father, a soldier, reported the incident and around 100 homes were evacuated.  Residents were able to return at about 9 p.m. the same night.

Fort Hood’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team was dispatched and an investigation is underway.  They determined the missile was an M36 training device which has neither a warhead nor a propulsion system and isn’t intended to be launched.

The army does not believe it to be a systemic issue but rather a specific, individual or isolated factor and was not supposed to happen, derp.  However the investigation is incomplete.

Earlier the same day at Fort Hood, rescue teams conducted a “Force Protection Exercise”, a community wide training exercise which simulates the aftermath of a disaster (in this case a tornado sweeps across post, knocking down helicopters and injuring dozens of people).  Volunteers faked injuries, were loaded into ambulances and even taken to hospitals in the area and had fake paper work drawn up.  Firefighters, police, ems, etc, all participated in the exercise.

What a coincidence that these events happened on the same day!  Do you think that the missile drop was a test to see how well they could evacuate an area when people actually had a reason to panic?  What’s really going on here?

image: wikipedia

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