Louisiana Sinkhole and Oil and Gas Leak

Map of Louisiana highlighting Assumption Parish

Map of Louisiana highlighting Assumption Parish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I remember when I started this blog in late spring I was going to write about some bubbles surfacing in a bayou that were being reported in Louisiana. Also reported: tremors, shifting houses, and the smell of rotten eggs.  In the summer of 2012 a giant a sinkhole opened up swallowing 1500 square feet of earth in Assumption Parish.  Residents around the area were evacuated.  Texas Brine, LLC seems to have punctured the Napoleonville salt dome and it is now collapsing. The company may have also stored radioactive waste in the area in the 1990s illegally.  High levels of radium were detected.  Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide are also detected.  Texas Brine, a Houston based oil and gas company has burned off 2.7 million cubic feet of gas so far..   It is December 14 and the hole has grown to 348,481 square feet or about 8 football fields.  In late November the ever growing sinkhole let out a “burp”, a burp of crude oil, brine, fracking liquid and other waste. The water rose and then the bubbling stopped briefly as the hole had been plugged with trees and plants it had swallowed.  Texas Brine has removed 6732 barrels of oil from the sinkhole with no end in site.   A few days into December the bubbling started again.

Residents that were allowed to stay in the area are suffering from ill health (especially children) and the aquifer can no longer be used as a water supply as it is contaminated.  With methane underground very close to the surface it is a ticking time bomb.

The fear that the sinkhole could explode is great.  If Texas Brine, LLC punctured the bottom of the dome into “The Big Hum”, an oil and gas bearing formation that is thousands of feet deep, it poses an even greater hazard.  Texas Brine has been fined by the government, but they still aren’t sure what to do to stop this disaster.  If an explosion occurred, it would be very, very large and very toxic.  There is radioactive waste in there too remember…

There have been numerous and unusual tremors in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, in recent weeks and they seem to be increasing.  Even stranger, there have been gas explosions all over the country and mysterious loud booms reported too.   The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is believed to be still leaking.

If you haven’t heard of these events, its not a surprise. Mainstream media is not reporting them and search engines could be filtering (censoring) search results. A media blackout has happened and the result could be the loss of many lives and the contamination of ????? area.






Facebook Tool: Who Are You Looking At?

I came across an interesting little tool that tells you who you are searching for most on your facebook.  From the tests that I did the results seem pretty accurate.  I mean, you probably have an idea of who’s name you type in the search bar most, but still its a fun little trick.

Basically, you make sure https browsing is turned off. Then you take this little bookmarklet and drag it up to your toolbar.  It should say “facebook friends”.  Then you go to your facebook page and just click on the link you moved into your toolbar.  Your most searched for friends will be at the top.


Tools: People Search Made Easy

Many people search  sites today are frustrating when you are searching for someone because they make you pay. I’m going to show you a few a tricks to help you search.  I recommend searching for yourself first.  Search your name, usernames, emails, phone numbers.  If you have any pictures on the internet, you’ll want to do a reverse image search using google reverse image search or tineye reverse image search (both are available as extensions in the google chrome store for free).  You’d be surprised where you pop up on the internet. Many people search engines, such as spokeo, offer an opt out option under the “privacy” tab on the bottom of their page. It’s very small, so don’t miss it.

There are many ways to begin a search. If you have a name put it into quotation marks in Google search,  for example: “Your Name”

If you come up with results that are clearly not right, but share a common keyword, run another search this time with a minus (-) sign in front of the wrong word:  “Your Name” -delaware  .         This will exclude all the sites that have Delaware  connected to your search term.  You can also exclude entire websites by using the minus sign, such as:

“Your Name” -delaware  -blogger.com  -twitter.com

You can narrow your search results down significantly this way.

If you have an email, name, or telephone number just place it into Facebook‘s search box, any accounts associated with that email, given they are not private, will show up in the results. This also works with other social networking sites like myspace.com

You can also just put that information into Google search, of course.

Here are some good people searchers:











New people search sites are always popping up and I’m sure that I missed a bunch, so if you have some good recommendations please leave it as a comment and I’ll add it to the list.  If one of these sites stops working let me know as well so I can remove it.

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