Typhoon Guchol and Further Disaster at Fukushima Possible


This could be potentially very devastating for the northern hemisphere.  Fukushima’s damaged reactor and waste pools are still leaking, if this typhoon hits, most likely it will be damaged further, perhaps destroyed completely, leaking out the rest of the radiactive materials into the air and pacific ocean. Maybe its time to go to the southern hemisphere.

Powerful Typhoon GUCHOL (BUTCHOY) has strengthened rapidly into a dangerous 220-km/hr howler…likely to become the 1st Super Typhoon of 2012. Thick Monsoon Rainclouds approaching Western Luzon including Metro Manila and Mindoro (philippines)

GUCHOL (BUTCHOY) will enhance the Southwest Monsoon (aka. Habagat) across Visayas & Luzon particularly the western sections tonight until Tuesday. Breezy to windy conditions & cloudy skies w/ occasional to widespread rains, thunderstorms & squalls will be expected. The seas along the coastal areas along the West Philippine and Visayan Sea will become moderate to rough & dangerous.

Residents and visitors along the East Coast of the Philippines and the Southern Islands of Japan, particularly Okinawa and Ryukyu should closely monitor the progress of GUCHOL (BUTCHOY).

Do not use this for life or death decision. This advisory is intended for additional information purposes only. Kindly refer to your country’s official weather agency for local warnings, advisories & bulletins.

The following Consequences are identified for a Loss of Spent Fuel Pool Level:

* risk of a fire in fuel pool number 4 is real, and that the risks of contamination are so severe that an international effort is required.

* a nominal release of 10% of the SFP 4 inventory of cesium and strontium would represent 3-10 times the March 2011 release amounts

Spent fuel pools are not protected in the same way as reactor cores, and the unit 4 building is seriously damaged

* the fuel rods currently produce about one megawatt (MVV) or more of waste energy in the form of heat (1,000,000 Watts!)

* If cooling water for the spent fuel pool is lost – either by collapse of the pool, formation of cracks in the pool, or other factors – a major release of radioactive material could result. Given the large amount of heat generated by the fuel rods, the temperature would rise quickly. These rods are surrounded by zirconium cladding, and at high temperatures, this cladding catalyzes hydrogen production, can generate additional heat, and even explode and burn (NRC, 2006).

* The water surrounding the fuel rods in the spent fuel pools serves two purposes: First, it conducts heat away from the fuel assemblies to avoid overheating. Second, it provides shielding from the extremely high radiation levels near the rods.

* loss of shielding by the cooling water could critically increase radiation levels in the entire Daiichi complex. High radiation is already a serious problem limiting worker and even robot access to the plant to perform repairs and mitigation, and to maintain cooling of the other spent fuel pools and reactors. Thus, a catastrophic failure of the unit 4 spent fuel pool could potentially cascade into additional releases from the other spent fuel pools and reactors.







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    is very hard to carry out. Many thanks, Joey

  2. The following posting, “Typhoon Guchol and Further Disaster at Fukushima Possible
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    I definitely am in agreement. Thank you -Arnold

  3. I find it so inspiring that am not the only girl out there over the age of 20 who
    doesn’t know this kind of stuff! Time to learn *about all of it*.

  4. This is a total media blackout!!! It is sobering to see how much we don’t know! Obviously …..we are going to be totally radiated from this and they want all the sheep in the dark and stupid. Radiation effects are slow and can seem mysterious…especially when it’s American citizens getting sick. I have never seen a total media blackout…especially on the weather channel. A typhoon hitting Japan…and directly going over the damaged nuclear plants on the brink of collapse. Not ONE report on any major new channel!! Nothing…nada..zip. It is creepy.

    • in central oregon, where my friend used to live, he told me a lot of people from his old town are getting sick. Particularly with lymphoma. Thousands of people have already died in the United States from cancer attributed to the Fukushima disaster.

  5. What troubles me is how little of this potentially catastrophic nuclear situation is reported about in the mainstream media. I can’t believe that something that has the possibility to affect millions of lives world wide is just pushed into the back ground of news and over looked. Perhaps we as citizens should send letters to our Senators and Congress people and inquire about how this crisis at the Fukushima plants can be abated and finally resolved.Finally what does it say about our current 21th century human culture when shows like Dancing with the stars and American Idol is top news over a potential nuclear plant disaster?

    • I agree – why? Is someone is pulling the strings? Our human culture? Everyone is living in la la land I guess. Our leaders are so tutelary among themselves and the rest of us are expendable. ” The new and upgraded leadership qualities. ” Thanks for your comments and keep em commin.

      • Follow the money and you will find the answer. More and more people are realizing that we live in a fabricated world, but with the powers that be gaining more control over our means of communication and travel we soon will be powerless to stop them. There is still time and remember that our thoughts also form what we call the “future”, so keep fighting but remain positive.

    • Actually, this was being covered a lot. I should have mentioned while writing the blog post, as I was doing research some of the links I’d visited were gone when I searched for them again! I believe it to be a media blackout. You can write to your senators, etc. but more effectively you can do research, contact people in the area by way of the internet and blog and reblog trying to reach as many people possible. Tweet, post in forums, facebook, anywhere you can to get a discussion going. At this point word of mouth will be the most effective. The problem with our politicians, is that most of them are being paid to help cover this stuff up. Still write letters if you feel the necessity, but with money behind this largely, many of them won’t listen.

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