Anonymous Leaks 1.7GB of Justice Department Info

The group “Anonymous” has just released 1.7GB of Justice Department(statistical) data on The Pirate Bay in what they are calling Monday Mail Mayhem.

“Within the booty you may find lots of shiny things such as internal emails, and the entire database dump.

We Lulzed as they took the website down after being owned, clearly showing they were scared of what inevitably happened.”

Personally I have become very skeptical of these leaks because they coincide directly with the U.S. government‘s plan to tighten their control on the world’s internet.    Anonymous has not released terribly damning evidence, instead they’ve released information to informants, presumably unknowingly, onto servers that the government had control over.  For example, the Stratfor leaks earlier this year were compromised after they entered the hands of informant hacker “Sabu“.  The FBI perhaps then had time to sift through and delete anything sensitive, alter or add to the information.  It was then compromised data.

I do not know what is in this round of leaks, but if its nothing shocking, I will be more convinced that the group claiming to be Anonymous is actually the government staging a false flag operation to speed up their control of the internet, information and freedom in general.  It is crime statistic data supposedly, so I cannot imagine it is very interesting.  The Department of Justice has already admitted that security was breached, don’t you think they would have tightened it since they got hacked last, right after Megaupload was shut down?


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