Engaging Interactive Websites

Last fall there was a creepy facebook app released right before halloween  called “Take This Lollipop”.  It pulls information from your Facebook account to bring you an interactive “in the movie” experience.  The whole point of the app was to show you the vulnerabilities of posting your data online and how easy it would be for a stalker to find you. It went viral and was a smash hit.  If you haven’t heard of it, try it out: www.takethislollipop.com  It will access your facebook data, but it doesn’t share the data..its only for entertainment for you.

Since then I’ve really enjoyed those types of interactive apps. I’m a narcissist. Here are some that i’ve found.

This one is called “All Tomorrow’s Legends”, an ad campaign for Ray-Ban.  It’s NOT scary.


I like this one because it’s unique and you can use it!  The app accesses your facebook profile photo, then converts it into audio.  You can then download it and have a unique ringtone!  http://www.persoton.de/

I found these sites on www.thefwa.com ,but please submit ones that you have found.


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